About Firefox....

by btljooz - 2/23/13 8:45 AM

In Reply to: If it's Windows updates, I do it most times by wpgwpg

Yes, Firefox has an automatic update function. It's in Tools>Options>Advanced tab>Update tab. , personally, do not use it. Because I've had Firefox hose itself in the past by automatically updating itself, I have mine set to never automatically update anything but the Search Engines I have installed. When I do update the program, I do a complete uninstall of the old version and then a clean install of the new one and then re-add my Extensions and Search Engines.

As for Adobe, Java, etc. I do NOT use Adobe Reader. I use Foxit Reader, instead. The only reason I allow Adobe Flash on my computer at all is that I've found no replacement for it and dumb web developers insist upon using it. Same goes for Java. I don't allow Google ANYTHING on my computer at all. That said, when these programs need updating I go the uninstall then re-install route.