If it's Windows updates, I do it most times

If it's inconvenient for some reason, I'll put it off, but usually I let it download and install the recommended updates, but NEVER download drivers via Windows update. And normally I don't do the optional updates. I've been downloading and installing all the recommended Windows updates since Windows 98 on about 3 dozen computers, and haven't seen the first problem with any of them. I wonder about the folk who claim they cause them problems.
You didn't specify whether you're asking about just Windows updates or all from different sources like Adobe, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Normally I'll do the Adobe updates. With Firefox I don't think it has an automatic update, so I check for those every couple of weeks. With Chrome it seems to ask daily & I usually let it do the updates too.
These are the only ones I remember getting updates for - I'm probably overlooking something, but that's all I can think of for now.