Answers to Questions 1, 2, & 3...

by JoeLyddon2 - 3/27/11 10:23 AM

In Reply to: A few things... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

1.) What exactly happens when you go File->print, press CTRL + P, et cetera?

A small pop window... "Printing Page 1,2,3,4, etc." & closes (popup goes away.

A moment later, another screen pops up where I can enter Title, etc., then click "Create PDF"... The First time, it works and creates the PDF. After doing the same thing, at another website, everything is exactly the same EXCEPT, after clicking "Create PDF", nothing happens.

2.) Have you tried reinstalling PrimoPDF and restarting your computer?

No... It does seem to be working... BUT only ONCE per browser.

3.) If the problems persist, you can try another PDF printer, such as Bullzip PDF, another free option.

Yep, I guess I could... BUT, with so many reviews of 5 stars, it seems like there is something that I need to do to make it work.

I think I'll try going into other programs & see if they would work... WordPad, NotePad, etc., etc. Will let you know...

Thank you,