Do registry cleaners work?

by Richard N. Lewis - 9/28/09 4:33 AM

In Reply to: Very interesting questions by alfredho33

Yes they do. But just remember that earlier registry cleaners working in the environment of Microsoft Vista was adapted from earlier operating systems. When I was in the process of buying a Registry Cleaner before installing Vista,and buying Registry Fix I asked customer service whether Registry Fix would work with Microsoft Vista? They said it did. And RegCure was making a big deal about being Vista ready. Fortunately, I did not buy it. When I was looking for something newer, I picked up something called RegAce. This piece of software is new but It will work on Windows 7 and it kicks ass against the competition. I tested it out on several pieces of older Registry Cleaners. It beat every one except Registry Easy and jv16 Power tools.It even beat RegCure. If you upgrade to Windows 7,take a good look at RegAce before you update