Re: disagree with firewalls

by mgisan - 8/22/09 5:23 PM

In Reply to: Disagree on firewall.. by JCitizen

I hate to burst any bubbles, however, in reality, firewalls are not safe as we like to think. These applications do provide some form of security and protection from internet threats. Unfortunately, the hackers have access to the same firewall software as the average consumer. As a result, the hackers learn all the insides and outs of the firewall software we consumers use to protect our computers. In turn, the hackers are at an advantage. Unless, you spend the extra money for a network appliance with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) embedding with that appliance, which enables you to monitor network traffic (packets) and view activity logs. Think about it! Everyday our firewalls have to update its definitions in order to keep your system up-to-date with definitions for the latest security threats. We all know having PCs, every time you turn around, you have to update your computer, mostly for protections against malicious threats. If Microsoft just opened its source code to the hackers, maybe, just maybe, fifty percent of the hacking would stop.