Do registry cleaners really work....hmmm?

Now your're talkin...In my TV market there is a commercial that runs every now and then called the "Stop" virus website. I'll spare you the link.It is literally a virus installation site. Back when I was younger and dumber, {4 years ago}, I thought I'd ckeck it out. Good thing I had AVG at time. It just casually installed a virus so it could have a job. Rather like a clever hobo. My anti-virus caught it in about 5 sec. of installing the down load. So yes be wary. I have had problems with Advanced System Care Pro. It put colored backgrounds on all my desktop Icons, which I couldn't remove.If you wanna be happy for the rest of your comp. life; I just loves me sum AVG. CC Cleaner, and Anti-Malewarebytes and I'm holding at sp2 for now...updates are scary. Well said C-net