Chances are you got a poser!

by JCitizen - 7/15/09 9:03 PM

In Reply to: So called FREE software? by leayan

And you've been pwned!

Like he said the venerable SpyBot S&D by safernetworking is the correct utility, I don't know what you got!

Unfortunately, I've quit recommending it to my clients, because Malewarebytes anti-malware does a fantastic job in this new dangerous environment we have now. It only costs $24 for a LIFETIME license, and I figure my data and credit card are worth that pittance, for prevention!

If you just can't afford that, Adaware Anniversary Edition Free with AdWatch enabled works better in my recent experience. It does quietly conflict with Norton, however, but MBAM doesn't! Lavasoft's brain child does not seem to conflict with Avast or NOD 32(the best AV in the world - IMO)