by Amos16 - 3/12/13 9:14 AM

In Reply to: Sounds Like Somebody's "Fishing"..... by Grif Thomas Moderator

Tks Grif. Somebody or something seems to be interfering with my reply to Carol. I meant to say that I am well aware of the warnings regarding mail etc. But changing password may seem easy to somebody of her generation. Being in generation +2 my memory is not up to recording frequent changes, and then it would mean writing it down. Which might defeat the purpose of keeping it secret. So I am now in a quandary and will most likely stay there. The last time somebody tried this trick on me I just did not reply, nor did I open further mail from the same addressee. And nothing bad happened. So, keeping fingers crossed, I probably will do the same now. Unless there is a very red and very large warning from Carol and you. Thanks again - Amos.