It looks as though..

by Carol~ Moderator - 3/7/13 2:39 PM

In Reply to: Thank you Carol!! by twim_boys

It looks as though Bob and I had the same named "rogue" in mind. I hadn't seen either of your posts when I submitted mine. (Nothing like refreshing a page every now and then! grin )

I HIGHLY doubt any of your security software instructed you to 'continue without protection'. If you're on the web, make sure it's enabled.

If you find the steps in the removal guide too daunting a task, you always have the option of posting at the above mentioned malware removal forum. They will walk you through the disinfection process. They also have access to certain tools we generally don't utilize here.

Give the removal guide a try. (If you see any ads on the page.. don't click on them)

Furthered good luck..