Search engine Blekko launches; eliminates spam

by Carol~ Moderator - 11/1/10 10:06 AM

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The result is an improved search experience that delivers results from high quality sites, leaving behind spammers, aggregators and content farms.

Blekko bases its technology on a simple tool called a slashtag. Slashtags are curated sets of web sites organized around a particular topic. These cover topics as broad as health, money, and autos, and as narrow as gluten-free and neurotechnology. Slashtags are added to search queries and limit search results to only the curated sets of sites.

With the launch of the public beta, Blekko is also automatically applying slashtags to improve results in seven initial search categories: health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels. For example, searching "cure for headaches" on Blekko will provide results only from the top quality sites in the health category.

For searches that don't fall within one of Blekko's pre-defined categories, Blekko uses its proprietary ranking algorithms to deliver relevant results from its 3 billion page web crawl. As users create and refine more slashtags, Blekko plans to expand "auto-slashing" to improve results in more categories.

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