is also uses this double underline virus

by louprado - 9/21/10 10:54 AM

In Reply to: Block vibrant adds by winterbourner007

Unfortunately the double underline Vibrant virus is in use by other companies as well. uses this random double underline virus too. Point and to in your hosts file located in the /etc/ directory on your Mac and their annoying crap be gone.

I only wish would install this annoying virus on their home page. Their technology is total garbage otherwise it would be repeatable, and meaningful. I re-load a page and new random meaningless words are underlined each time. ARE YOU READING THIS ONSET VENTURES AND MISSION VENTURES ? WHY DID YOU INVEST IN NETSEER.COM !?! HOW MANY ENGINEERS DID THEY CLAIM IT TAKE TO DEVELOP A RANDOM WORD HREF TAGGER ?

Please keep this thread alive as you encounter other companies to block.