Fake Resume Spam Leads to Malware Infection

by Carol~ Moderator - 6/30/10 7:01 PM

In Reply to: NEWS - June 30, 2010 by Carol~ Moderator

From the McAfee Labs Blog:

We just noticed a new wave of fake resume spam that redirects users to a malicious site. We see the resume pages were uploaded to innocent sites in top-level domains of various countries, perhaps in an attempt to internationalize the spam campaign. [...]

The pages contain a small piece of obfuscated JavaScript code that translates into a malicious URL when decoded. [...]

This malicious domain is also related to other domains that were used in a fake YouTube malware campaign and a Zeus control server. So keep this in mind next time you click on that $100k job offer or suspicious job application from an anonymous sender. McAfee SiteAdvisor technology can help protect users from these kinds of threats.

Continued here: http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2010/06/30/fake-resume-spam-leads-to-malware-infection/