Half a million Vaio laptops prone to overheating

by Carol~ Moderator - 6/30/10 2:45 PM

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First they made our batteries melt down and explode. Now theyre coming directly for our laptops.

According to PCWorld, Sony is announcing that more than half a million Vaio notebook computers are prone to overheating due to a bug in the BIOS software. Its unclear how severe the overheating could get whether damage could occur to the machine or to its surroundings but its not a warning to take lightly. To date the overheating has not caused any significant property damage beyond the laptop itself, with 39 cases of the problem now on record, PCWorld reports.

The news comes on the heels of a similar revelation by Dell, which became embroiled in a lawsuit over faulty computers that the company said had overheated because they were overtaxed by being made to perform difficult math calculations, the New York Times reports. Later that diagnosis was revised: Millions of computers had been sold in the 2000s riddled with faulty electrical components that were leaking chemicals and causing the malfunctions.

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