Crap about Mac

I am sick of people talking crap about Mac computers the only reason that MAC owners have not had the same problems is that the pond life that produce spyware and mailware and viruses target the most popular operating system so as to cause the most hastle, if the MAC was more popular tham the PC then there would be more atacks on MACs than PCs.
In the days before the MAC and the PC when software was writen in asembly langwage we ended up with programs that were extreemly small in size, infact you could write a word processor program with all the functions of word using less memory than used by one desktop Icon on a PC or MAC, the early non compiled software was compleatly secure, but it took hours and hours to produce code,that could be produces in a mater of minuits using compiled code. the problem with any compiled code is that there is a lot of comon code that can be easily be atacked, and as all software for PC,s and MACs use compiled code, both systems can be easily atacked, if we went back to no compiled programs we would not need large hard drives and we would not need more than about 1 Meg of ram and computers would not slow down, over a period of time. and would ve virtuly Virus proof.