Sick of fake anti-virus hijackers.

by CarrieSkyBaby - 2/23/10 2:23 AM

In Reply to: System Restore by Traycee

I'm having criminals attempt to hijack my computer about twice a week now through visiting websites. One of the more recent and most surprising happened at MSNBC when I clicked on what appeared to be a news story.
How I deal with it.
The instant it begins unless I've already lost that control, I force quit my browser (firefox) which by the way was allegedly upgraded last week when I had all upgrading shut off in the program. After the alleged upgrade, The security options were missing. The pages were just blank. I've done an official upgrade and those pages are now populated.

If I can't force quit the browser or the attack is still active, I try once to open task manager. Most times that is impossible.
At that point I cut power to my computer immediately and reboot in safe mode.
Then I do a search for files created that day and the files installed begin to show up in the list.

They are appear to be doing this by using java script and installing java exe. files, then the files run and ruin your operating system.
I've been able to stop and completely undo the attack every time by using this method. Most times I delete every file created or updated that day.

I'm really getting sick of this but apparently there is so much money being made by ripping people off through extortion that it is spreading rapidly.

Today I got a second "time is running out" popup from AVG which I've been using free for 1.5 years. After visiting their website it looks as though the popups really are from AVG. I'm uninstalling AVG and would never consider buying it because it appears their ethics have been compromised.

Ive downloaded a few other free antivire/malware solutions but I'm wondering what Cnet is recommending as a trustworthy free solution.