So you thought it was the Russians!

by GeorgeGee69 - 2/17/10 4:02 AM

In Reply to: liver? by jolysmoke

A really childish rant, but you are entitled to it. Do you know that EVERY UK connection to the WWW has to go through 7 BT monitoring computers, (definately NOT Macs lol), BT is a private company. Add to this all the CCTV ( with facial recognition cameras around our towns city's and roads, (hence the illegality of full tinted windscreens), our mobile phones are all chipped and GPS enabled to within 3m, every call and txt and picture must be "stored" by your ISP, ( private company), for 7 years. Do I need to mention the details obtained through your credit card,, medical records? All of this information is stored by private companies and freely available at a price or free to your government! Your paranoid fears of the "Russian" mafia wanting your details only encourages more intrussive and investigation by our governments to collect and collate information for their own ends! You only have to look at the several hundred new laws enacted in the pretense of "for our own protection" to realise its a world wide lie! You not only have to be able to read you also have to understand what is being written to see through the facade of protection on offer, and 1984 is long gone my friend. Look at current topics weeding there way into society, uthanasia, arrests without reasons, books replaced by web mis-information, child birth restrictions the list goes on and is updated quickly as it is integrated into our society. You fear the Russian Mafia? Look into your own back-yard because it is your children who will be suffering in the new age of the American Empire through your naivety and lack of social uderstanding at this time. So you continue with your insular Mac existance and keep your self deception festering in your pious ignorance!