It Almost Got Me

by LAG - 2/4/10 5:44 PM

In Reply to: It got me too!!! by Debra1946

The first time I got this virus from clicking on it, not knowing what else to do, my computer was totally infected. I bought a new one, was ready to anyways. The second time, 2 days later, it popped up again. I didn't touch a thing and called the tech, he told me to just shut it down and bring it in. There was no virus found.
Then yesterday, the third time! I tried using Alt +F4 which closed some of the windows, but they just came popping up again. So I used Ctrl/Alt/Del and luckily that worked. I then shut it down from Start, rebooted and ran my Norton. There was no virus found again.
It seems that as long as you don't use your mouse to click anything that the virus does not embed itself.
Question? Is it actually safer just to pull the plug than to click on restart? You might say after 3 times in one month that I'm a little paranoid......with good reason!!!! Does just pulling the plug harm the computer at all?