by pegpluscol - 1/18/10 8:41 AM

In Reply to: GOODY! by Randy Walter

Gee trouble follows me like the big 'C'
Since installing the thing that's all I had from 11am till now 18:30
Incoming Emails take up to 30 seconds each.
BitDef requests a virus vault the lists B:, then H:, I: J: which
I do not have, and omits C:, D:, and E: drives which I do have.
Their email for support is as dead as the Dodo.
Two sent to their at 11:30am have yet to be
acknowledged. One sent to fell into
the same black hole. To think I gave up AVG which I thorouhly
ejoyed for over two years.
Money paid (R539) ($50) is peanuts. By tomorrow I will decide whether
to dump the damned thing.
I degfragment every day on an excellent NTFS system.
Bitdefender immediately told me that all my drives are fragmented.
When I went back to Windows XP defrag, it says, "Not necessary"
Moreover, there was only one cluster marked red.
Phooey. But I don't blame you, it was my choice anyhow.
It was based on CNET's best antivirus 2009 which put's in
as second best.