by hidana - 5/22/09 12:50 PM


For a couple of times in the past week when I tried to visit a webpage that I visit everyday (and I am sure it's safe), I got directed to:


I've googled "avg.urlseek.vmn.net" but haven't been able to find anything helpful. AVG doesn't seem to mention it either.

When I search on Cnet.com, I see a page containing avg.urlseek.vmn.net, but looks like the page has been removed. Does anyone know if the avg.urlseek link is malware related?

I have AVG 8 installed, running on Vista, IE 7, and I have scanned my PC with malwarebytes' antimalware, superantivirus, spybot, AVG 8, f-secure anti-rootkit and nothing has been reported so far.

Thank you!