Temporarily Disable Real Time Monitoring Programs

by Marianna Schmudlach - 3/19/07 9:45 AM

In Reply to: FREE CLEANING programs by Marianna Schmudlach

Some security programs with active monitoring processes are known to interfere with automatic scanners .

Please turn off or disable any of the following programs you may have, before running your preliminary scans .

To disable these programs, please follow the instructions. Some of these programs will automatically restart upon reboot, so you will have to repeat these disabling steps as required. After Malware Removal is complete, you should reactivate these protective programs.

Spybot S&D (Teatimer)
Ad-Aware Ad-Watch
Windows Defender
TrojanHunter Guard
Disable SpySweeper
AVG Anti-Spyware (formerly ewido)
Spyware Doctor
ZoneAlarm's OS Firewall