Don't Tempt Fate and all will be well !

by kingdomofjones - 3/7/07 5:23 AM

In Reply to: rodwen58 by tomron

This is to verify the,"rule of thumb" opinion.It is advised to enable only one anti-virus at a time and as well only enable a single instance of a firewall.If you attempt to do otherwise the applications will fight each other and as fights go there will be an opening as a result in your defensive position and you will have a violation occur.Your job would be in principal to monitor the applications as such so that there be no accidents of having more than one anti-virus of more than one instance of a firewall enabled at any one time.The brighter side,though not any less demanding is to allow for the ability to enable as you would choose, a single anti-spyware application or more than a mere one anti-spyware application.It seems as I have commented that the having of more than one anti-spyware application and that these applications all be enabled at the start is to me a critical advantage that I will put forward with this reply.That indeed would be how I would reply,with a well thought out and well planned defensive posture which when properly put in place would allow you to go and come as you please without fear as to your security and or where abouts.