As usual Toni you see what you want to see. I named both

by Ziks511 - 5/1/13 2:58 PM

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the Right and the Left as equally at fault, and that the problem was essentially that of several groups of people, constituting a ruling caste composed of the political elite, and the business and financial elites, and those with great sums of inherited wealth separating themselves from "regular folks" and ruling in a manner supportive of their own self interest rather than that of the country as a whole.

With regard to the time frame, This whole concept was clearly and loudly enunciated by Reagan, but the roots of it are in every society under the sun, People scrabbling to enter a class which has greater privilege and greater wealth than the rest of society. It is just that it has become so much more blatant since Ronnie said (not literally, figuratively) "Greed is good, greed works." You should all emulate the slimy creatures who slither around the laws or repeal them (like Glass Steagle under Bill Clinton) or simply spend the country into a crisis so deep that previously enacted legislation becomes unaffordable.

Nor is the US the only candidate, Canada's Auditor General, who is a non partisan watchdog on government and the Civil Service, has discovered $3.1 Billion (with a B) in completely untraceable spending on Security Issues. The Conservative government in the wake of 9/11 threw money at the problem, and some of it simply disappeared. There is no reason yet to suspect misappropriation, it is simply money lost in the accounting, somewhere. His report contains other instances of misappropriation in various places, but not in this instance.

What I'm trying to get at, and which Toni and James refuse to see, is that a fundamental American principle is under erosion with no one seeming to either notice or care. I care. I may be foolish to bother, but it seems that the unique nature of the foundation of the country is being pi$$ed away by selfish greedy people. Washington is the new Tammany Hall but it seems to embrace both parties now, and there is no organized opposition. No Fiorello LaGuardia, no FDR, no Eisenhower, and no Carter who at least had principles not involving self-aggrandisement, unlike Ronnie, who did very well out of the Presidency.

While I don't expect to see it, the weighing of Carter's soul, and the comparison of his with Mr. Iran Contra Reagan (two illegal and Unconstitutional impeachable acts in one, what kind of a$$ sells missiles to Iran??) and Donny Rumsfeld his envoy, and Dick Cheney and Ollie North and all the rest of the toads in the cellar, promises to be a very revealing exercise. Indeed it will reveal whether the concept of the Elect has any validity or not. Personally, a God who will accept someone with evil acts durin his lifetime is not the kind of God I'd like to associate with. What are the odds on Hitler and Stalin being up there, if one's acts on earth count for nothing? If the Elect are predestined, then belief as well as behaviour is nothing.