That 'savings' isn't being

by TONI H - 5/1/13 9:17 AM

In Reply to: The "savings" just means we are spending less by Diana Moderator

used for anything other than borrowing again on a non-existent credit card in order to keep spending more than we take it, Diana.....even if it's not used to pay down the debt, the savings could actually lessen the annual deficit meaning we would be borrowing less every year. That isn't what BO is doing with that 'savings'.......he is actually borrowing it again and instead of reducing our spending, he's increasing it by using that same dollar amount to spend it instead on his own agenda. If you paid off your car and no longer had that car payment, would you use that same payment amount each month to buy something else? That's what BO is doing with the money no longer being spent on Iraq and what he plans to do with the money no longer being spent in Afghanistan or don't you actually listen to what he says during his fancy-assed 'investment' speeches?

And that 3% increase on 'millionaires' could increase their tax liability to 100% of their income and still never have enough to pay down anything because Dems don't know how to cut a damn thing......they use any new revenue for new spending every single time.