This is what makes me crazy

when people talk about the Clinton 'surplus'.......he only got that surplus because during his last couple of years he had Republicans take over both Congresses and Clinton was willing to compromise whereas BO has absolutely refused to and in fact doubles down every chance he can.

Bush, admittedly wiped out that surplus, however, he also had 9-11 to contend with and the hundreds of millions that were awarded to victims' families and health care for first-responders (nobody ever mentions that for some reason as part of why that surplus disappeared)....He also had two wars, whether you agreed with them or not, Katrina, and TARP, which not only increased the yearly deficit but also the National Debt.

BO has done away with one war, is ending another (both of which he campaigned against as Bush using a non-existent credit card to fund....but instead of using that 'savings' to pay down our debt he is using that money to fund more crap), but added to his deficit and National Debt because of not only the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Caulkers, Housing credits of $8000 per purchase, auto bailouts, and massive green energy 'investment' failures.....and now Obamacare, increased ease of welfare (wiping out Clinton's compromise that brought that entitlement down drastically), the takeover of the mortgage loan industry as well as the Student Loan industry.