Congress alone

by TONI H - 4/29/13 9:24 AM

In Reply to: Why doesn't Congress decide what is to be cut? by Diana Moderator

shouldn't have to have the task of writing authorizations to each dept head affected by the sequestration to make those decisions. The prez could have easily made a broad sweeping statement to all of them at the same time to do just that without having to burden Congress with the task of now writing individual bills for each department.......especially after BO had stated publicly that he would veto 'amendments' granting that authority when it was offered before sequestration even started Jan 1. You can't have your cake and eat it, too, Diana.......

As for a lose-lose situation, he was perfectly willing to offer sequestration personally during the budget talks last year and hope that he could use that as a weapon against Republicans because he believed that he could manipulate the situation to back the Reps into a corner and give him what he wanted or he could manipulate the public sentiment into blaming Reps when sequestration too effect if he made the pain bad enough. Neither of those scenarios are working out for him and he's been the one to have to back down so far.