HUH???!!?!?!?!?! 20,000?

by TuffKitten - 4/25/13 5:47 PM

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OMG! You've GOT to be kidding. That's just insane. Just the cost of the transcriber's time, equipment, printing, distribution, et.c., would pay for OC!

The injection you mentioned reminds me. While taking Ambien I used to get strange heart palpitations. I know this sounds terrible BUT I DID self medicate it and my medication of choice was a shot or two of Tequila. Don't ask why as I've no clue why but it worked.

One time I was having weird palpitations and just threw my clothes on and ran up to the liquor store and grabbed what I thought was a bottle of tequila. It didn't work. They wouldn't stop so I call non-emergency to come and check me out. They said I should let them take me to the ER to have it checked out as, indeed, there were peculiarities in my heart rhythms. I let them.

I woke up HYSTERICAL about 10 hours later after entering the ER only to find out I'd been injected with an ANTI-PSYCHOTIC drug and, upon review of the bill, found not just ONE pre-injection pregnancy tests but TWO. The first one was positive and the hospital gave me the drug anyway.

Needless to say, there is no baby. It passed. But I can't carry to term anyway but that one MIGHT have but we'll never know.

As it all turns out, my personal physician reviewed the lab results and determined that the palpitations were simple anxiety. Actually, what's rather frightening looking back, is that my fiance' passed away quite suddenly about a month later and after three months of reviewing his autopsy, the coroner finally put down "unknown heart issues".

Medicare paid out over $20,000 for my 10 - 12 hour "watch" in the hospital's E.R. They that back too after calling them.

We, as Americans, REALLY need to watch how our bills are being padded, especially with Medicare. The Blue Cross's and Unicare's of the world won't pay out what Medicare will. They just won't. I don't think most persons on Medicare even REALIZE how they are being ripped off. At $200 per month, I think I should be getting excellent health care. I have to pay separate for my prescription, vision, and dental insurance SO, because I'm a citizen of the U.S. and not an illegal, I'm not entitled to free health care.

One thing many people also don't realize was that Obama was EXTREMELY clever when he allowed illegals pending citizenship driver's licenses. Why? Because they THEN have to provide proof of auto insurance, they have documentation of some sort or another so we, the tax payers don't get stuck with their bills for medical care, etc.

I have a new personal policy now. I don't go near hospitals unless I'm already dead. Upon reading the bill, most people likely WILL drop dead!

I'd also like to add that the "watchdog" program you speak of WAS planted in the hospital that did those two things to me. Medicare TOLD me they were implementing that program into that hospital. But they wouldn't share their finding with me.

They really don't need to. I already know what they've probably found.

BE HEALTHY NOW!!!!! >^*v*^<