Three years ago

I had almost the identical situation happen to me regarding the hospital, treatment (if you want to call forcing a sleeping injection on me because I was mad and arguing with 'caregivers' about what I knew I didn't need from them), and overcharging my Medicare insurance. I complained directly to the VA Insurance agency watchdog and had an investigation done at the hospital. I was never informed, however, about what the results of it ended with and never could find out if Medicare got any of their money back for 'tests' that the hospital claimed they gave me because while I was conscious they didn't give me any so they must have done them while I was out like a light and non-combative.

I fully agree with most of what you had to say.......and in case you don't know it, the original bill that passed was over 2400 pages long, and as of two months ago, the 'rules' for that bill had already gone to the 20 THOUSAND page mark and is still climbing.