Do People REALIZE how OC is being paid for and....

by TuffKitten - 4/25/13 1:58 PM

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I don't think the vast majority of Americans even have clue ONE how OC is being funded. I was pleased about OC UNTIL I realized just how this was being paid for. I can't find a website for it for some reason. I DO find a lot of inaccurate websites, however. It is being funded by the old "robbing Peter to pay Paul" principal. So in reality, we are paying a LOT for it no matter HOW one views it.

I like our President BUT for that issue. The ACTUAL document is over 7,000 pages long though, which is probably why I can't find it. John Stossell reported on it recently and even a search of his website (he has TOO many.... I should tweet him and tell him to make ONE website with links). I literally looked for DAYS to find the information and never could.

Anyway, I STILL take issue with a few things. First off, I'm on Medicare and pay approximately $200.00 per month for it and because Medicare is NOT like Blue Cross or various other insurance companies, they simply FORK UP what a hospital bills them and whatever is left over (which is over the top, BTW, when a hospital finds out you have Medicare) the bill collectors will start harassing you ENDLESSLY.

When I say that hospitals bill Medicare over the top, I'll give you an example. I had a bump on my head (probaly a small cyst or something... no big deal but I was aware of it). In the middle of the night I apparently bumped it on my headboard or something and at the time I was taking the very dangerous drug "Ambien" which causes hemophilia. I started bleeding really bad and was clean out of Mephyton (a coagulant drug which is a lab produced drug having effects like vitamin K to stop excessive bleeding).

I had a friend come over to watch my dog and call to have me go to the E.R. to get mephyton and what turned out to be three stitches. They saw my medicare card. They REFUSED to call my physcian, would not listen to me to give me Mephyton, strapped me down and FORCED me to have a CT scan and various other tests which I LOUDLY REFUSED. They violated my rights and would NOT listen to me. My physician of 33 years came to my home the next day and was FURIOUS because they didn't call him and also told me that stitches weren't even required. He told me that pharmaceutical grade crazy glue is used in small issues like that and that mephyton is used in bleeders.

The required care was SIMPLE. A shot of mephyton and crazy glue (that not what it's actually called but is the same product, just packaged in a sanitary manufacturing/packaging facility is all).

Medicare got billed for $17,000.00 and believe it or not, they paid it. No questions asked. I found out about it and called Medicare. Medicare took back from the hospital ALL but $300 and change. Well, nothing can be done to get the radiation out of me that they forced upon me OR the scar from absolutely not required stitches.

My POINT to that story is this. IF persons would police Medicare (which shouldn't even be required BUT it seems just given that particular situation I've described, it's necessary) there would be PLENTY of money to fund care without these undisclosed "robbing Peter to pay Paul" costs.

Furthermore, I have a HUGE issue with the absolute fact that if your are NOT a legal citizen of the U.S., a hospital or physician MUST treat you and guess what? Because you're not legal you've no SS # so you get freebie care. Probably the RIGHT care too as they can't ROB Medicare. BUT if you ARE a legal citizen with insurance or Medicare, you'll get treatment you DON'T NEED. I didn't need x-rays, a CT scan, an MRI... all that happened was a cyst burst and the Ambien had caused me to be hemophiliac (I know that as when I stopped taking it, my coagulation returned to normal. While on it i had terrible nose bleeds, etc. and even has State Farm pay for $5,300.00 in ruined carpet in my former townhome due to a nosebleed).

WHY WON'T PEOPLE WAKE UP?! We already HAVE "universal health care" if you get technical about it. The ONLY problem is that is you are a U.S. citizen you will be DESTROYED by medical bills but if you pretend that you're not (just talk in some language the hospital E.R. doesn't understand) and you'll be ok.

There is PLENTY of money there to provide for health care for all if that's the way our country wants to go. That is IF persons on Medicare would speak up like me and tell Medicare they've been way over paying.

I might be off on a tangent here BUT it's something I feel strongly about. I'm tired of being lied to.

OC will do some good for us health wise AND some bad but absolutely will do harm, fiscally, to us.

Why is the document 7,000 pages long if there aren't things hidden in there if my first question? I know what the things are. I just wish I could find the link. A note to Stossell went unanswered.

Persons with government affiliation don't have to worry about their care. We pay for super premium health care for them. OC is really for the masses and those that cannot afford insurance. FRANKLY, I can't afford Medicare. I'm at poverty level on my SSDI and from that pay a tad over $200.00 every month.

I'm thinking about dropping it and if medical attention is required just to leave my information home and pretend like I don't understand English. Then I get only what I need and no bill collectors.

I'm paying for it anyway through taxes so why not????

OK rant over! Sorry 'bout that. Didn't come in here for that. I was looking for something else and saw "what's hot" and clicked it open.