No Josh

by TONI H - 3/20/13 10:18 AM

In Reply to: That women who use birth control..... by Josh K

You choose to list 'women who want birth control are s l u t s' when that isn't what Rush said at all....he said, and I agree with it, is that 'women who want birth control paid for by OTHER people are s l u t s' looking for a free ride......not only to getting the birth control paid for, but also having their abortions paid for when they are too lazy to take care of their own birth control methods responsibly.

As for the 'birthers' was a small handful of wasn't widespread throughout the entire Republican Party. And again, you slam that issue, but refuse to acknowledge that the Dem Party actually DID condone ads against Romney claiming he killed a woman. If that isn't the ultimate extreme statement against a Presidential candidate, I don't know what would even come close to comparing it to. Can you?

Liberals are really good at slamming a few Republicans for 'crazy' statements, but you excuse your own VP for insanity on a regular basis, and all other Dems and liberals for their crazy allegations, such as spitting on Congressional members while making racist slurs against them when no proof of either accusation ever was brought forward, even with a million dollar reward up for grabs. Dems have been accusing Republicans and Conservatives of being racists with nearly every day regularity for the last five years, and no liberal or Democrat has ever come out publicly to state that it's bullsh... craziness.

Those are the kinds of things that Dems and liberals have been doing consistently with the help of the media.........and quite effectively........because when you don't have the ability to debate a topic logically and rationally, irrational accusations is all you have left, and when the media only reports the accusations without proof or merit, the voters only hear what the liberals want them to hear.

Even the latest Pew polls prove that if a story is going to be longer than 1 minute in length, the media refuses to air it, especially if it's political in nature because only 3% of its entire local news content is political or governmental........the rest is all local news, weather, sports, and highlights of anchors talking to each other about personal stuff.