or re-exam attitudes in favor of survival

by Roger NC - 3/19/13 7:59 PM

In Reply to: I hate to see this by James Denison

Too many, even if not a majority, of the Republican speaking public are perceived as saying vote for me to protect yourself from "them", with a wide range of "thems" depending on the speaker.

You're not going to win the Hispanic vote if perceived as raising dislike of Hispanics while addressing how to deal with illegal immigration. And many Hispanics do see the Republicans.

I think the numbers I saw in a recent news story was that Obama won over 60% of every demographic you can divide the public into except white males. Too many still appear to be campaiging only those white males. It doesn't even matter what most Republicans think when currently elected Republican officials make as insulting statements as we've heard from a few for the last 2 years.

You can't be perceived as against everyone except for your core and expect them to vote for you.

I do agree with the idea the Republican candidates beat each other up pretty well in the primary debates and helped Obama instead the Republican party.

If the republican core is willing to stick to pricinciples that alienate so many maybe there will be a moderate party formed in the future for those that are tired of the zealot activists and reactionary bigots.