So nice of you to lump

all Conservatives/Republicans into one huge group of bigots........because a small handful have made crappy remarks that even the rest of us don't agree with. But I didn't see you say one word Josh about the Dem campaign accusing Romney of murdering a woman. You can't get much worse than that. You had a hairy fit over Romney having some a investment account in the Cayman Islands, but pooh-poohed it when you had to learn that BO's current Treasury head ALSO has accounts there. If you really want to see hypocricy in action have a Dem/liberal look in a mirror.

Republicans actually have the courage to look hard and fast at themselves and what they need to do to make changes within.....and I don't believe their core principals need to be changed, they just have to figure out how to deliver the message more effectively. Democrats are dug in so deep with their ideology that they really don't believe they have ANYTHING that needs to be changed because in their eyes, as long as they can win without change but with smear campaigns against opponents, that's good enough for them.