You got a link? I find it hard to believe that

by Ziks511 - 3/16/13 8:33 AM

In Reply to: If you take 9% Unemployment in USA by James Denison

5% of the US population and workforce is illegal; there would have to be 16.5 million illegals for that to be true. And as for wages, there has been no increase in the minimum wage since I don't remember when. Employers don't pay people any more than they have to. Increase the minimum wage, and you'd see a difference.

11.5 million out of 330million is less than 4% and many of the 11.5 million are children. If they constitute more than about 6.6 million in the workforce I'd be surprised, but let's call it 6.6million to make the figuring easier. That's 2% of the population. Assuming the Workforce is 220 million, then it is 3% of the workforce. So much for your brilliant source who can neither count, nor figure percentages, and wants to count every single illegal as a full adult worker.

Your source is a half-wit and the figures donn't add up.

Lies, damned lies, and Republican-manipulated illegal immigration figures. Mark Twain would be proud of you.

"The Democrats' legislation would also have raised the rate for tip-workers, whose minimum wage has been $2.13 an hour for the last two decades."

The last increase in the minimum wage was in 2009 to the princely sum of $7.25 an hour