Look elsewhere

by Willy - 3/15/13 9:48 PM

In Reply to: If you take 9% Unemployment in USA by James Denison

You seem to focus on the illegal immigration side of things and probable low-paying jobs. Allow me to say, it's more about the legal side of immigration. Have you gone to a hospital and seen the Drs. there", I bet many are recent immigrants or didn't return upon college graduation(foreign students) and applied to remain. What about those Canadian, Russian and UK engineers(and others) that seem to work at high paying engineering jobs all across the board. They're on vista or extended ones in order to do the jobs that it seems no US engineers are available, yeah right. What about all those Indian workers manning the phone centers here in the USA because they're part of a Indian Co. that transferred many here on temporary then extend vistas because they're critical, yeah right. Besides that its not so black and white issue, there's far more to it. I bet those Senators are so zero-in on getting something done, they'll sink any real working system but not replace it or fund it. If they'll pass laws that get at the employers more than illegals, things would get sorted a lot faster. No employer will hire if they're fined repeatedly or maybe seized. -----Willy happy