Give me a break

by Pepe7 - 3/15/13 8:50 PM

In Reply to: If you take 9% Unemployment in USA by James Denison

"Don't let anyone tell you that illegal immigration isn't responsible for our current high unemployment and low wage scale for labor in this country. Send them home! "

Low demand for products and services is our current problem, and a weak housing market, not the presence of illegals. Your knowledge base and reasoning seem to be a combination of extremist views/zealotry and ignorance to what's actually involved in the US economy. I do understand though that some of you folks here feel the need to find a place to spew such BS, so it's understandable that it might end up being posted here <groan>.

A simple pair of phone calls would set you straight. First, call someone who is involved professionally in managing teams of people who hire temporary employees. After that, call a corporate recruiter/salary expert. The data they will provide you with will correspond to similar data found in peer reviewed academic journals covering wages/labor/etc. Head to your local college or university library to find out how to access this data that will indicate the wage scale in certain industries has nothing to do with the presence of illegals.

Truth be told, the net migration has reversed since most of the jobs for undocumented mexican labor have dried up in the US. And the jobs they were doing were not in high demand by U.S. citizens, such as throwing up sheet rock at construction sites in Orange County, CA for $8/hr w/o benefits. There is still a demand for caregivers/nannies, but that was not being filled as often as would have been liked by US citizens since they are likely to demand higher salaries for the same work.