When I look back on my contribution to

our company policy, what they say was paid in, and what my out of pocket expenses generally were, I can see that 20K + might not be an unreasonable cost for an average family of 4. Originally, when I signed on to our company policy, there were two choices. One could opt for individual coverage or family coverage. Family coverage meant spouse and all children regardless of number. The premium was the same regardless of family size. Later that changed. One could opt for individual coverage, coverage for self and spouse, coverage for self and children or family coverage. This was probably due to the greater number of two earner families with each having their own health plan. The link sights that 8% of income would be considered a reasonable premium to pay but, when I do the math using the bronze plan cost, that comes out to 250K of family income. I don't think that's in line with average income which is probably between 50K-100K depending on geography and other factors. This plan is going to be EXPENSIVE.