I notice that article quotes the 20K without any


I realize I haven't extensive knowledge of what everyone pays, and I have the benefit of corporate provided insurance, but $20K annually now?

$385 weekly, $1667 monthly.

Given how many make less than $1000 a week gross ($52K annual) and if you figure at least 20% in taxes if you make $52K/yr, you're looking at roughy $415/wk net, or just less than $1800/month after spending $385 for insurance.

Now a lot do have to try to make it on that, but I don't know how much you'd have left after shelter, electricity, and transportation to work. After running some searches and average bills, and doing some very rough math, not bad for many areas.

But cut that income in half to $26K and is there enough left at $385/wk for insurance? Even if reduce taxes to 10%, there would only be $450 a week after taxes, $65/wk after buying insurance at $20K per year. If that average is accurate, no wonder so many don't buy insurance.

There are a lot of people at or below $26K/yr. Some sites put it at 50% or more of the US workers at or below $26K, with an average of $40K. Quite a difference of a median at $26K and a mean of $40K.

Taxes include fed and state income, SS, medicare, medicaid at current times.