Screw you and your sarcasm, JP

by TONI H - 3/14/13 3:55 PM

In Reply to: Tonispeak? by JP Bill

The cheapest policy available under Obamacare for a family of four would be $20,000 per year. It's called the Bronze Level....then there is the Silver, the Gold, and the Platinum.

As for the poverty level being at the same amount, it's true......and all those families UNDER that amount will receive subsidy checks from the Federal or State Governments to purchase the policy they want. Are you surprised that the government would pay for poor people to have the same policy a middle class family has to pay $20,000 per year to have?

I didn't hear anything as you stated.......I'M stating the facts as they are written. Are you able to separate the two situations instead of assuming I've 'confused' them or 'mixed them up'? Evidently NOT>>>>>>>>>>>>> The only thing I got wrong was that the cheapest policy is about $20,000 and not $22,000.....

Oh, is it any wonder that California, which you quoted, is as broke as it is?