We're never gonna get it back anyhow

by TONI H - 6/13/12 9:47 AM

In Reply to: Yeah, that'll teach them. I mean us. by Josh K

with the way BO has it all 'structured'...just like Solyndra. Besides, that green Volt is just too damned ridiculously expensive to consider, especially if you have a family. From all I've been reading about it, you can't go anymore than 35 miles before you have to recharge it anyhow.....and 35 miles is a ridiculously short trip for that kind of money. Eric Bolling, one of the 'money people' on FoxNews (The Five) was given a Volt recently to test out....he got 12 miles and it stopped in the middle of a tunnel in NYC. It was towed away, the dealership apologized with some excuse for it, gave him another, and after a full charge overnight, he again got 12 miles and it, too, stopped dead in the middle of the same tunnel. If that's the quality of a $40+K car, a bike would be more reliable but you can't haul a family around on that. What's next for BO's green agenda.........freaking rickshaws? Kind of slave labor with a back breaking job, but at least it's a job, right?... and the pollution level would be reduced to thousands of air farts from the strain of pulling the carts.