>>>As a major stockholder YOU would be able to dictate what the company does. >>>

That's exactly the point....the federal government has NO business getting into the ownership of stock of a private company and then not only dictate the rules for that particular company, but also dictate that dealerships were required to close causing another ripple effect that essentially put smaller suppliers to those dealerships out of business at the same time.

As to your other asked about five dealerships in one town being necessary. We had ONE GM dealership in my did repairs to vehicles that required dealer parts, including recalls. That dealership, because it didn't sell a specific 'quota' now set by GM and its new rules per the BO bailout, it had to close, firing everyone who had been working there for nearly forty years, two autoparts stores closed that supplied the needs of the dealership so they didn't have to have alot of inventory of their own in stock causing two family businesses to also shut their doors, and now repairs and vehicle purchases are nearly 50 miles away. Over 2000 dealerships across the country were forced to close their doors in the bailout along with many small parts stores that no longer exist, and then Cash for Clunkers forced a number of other dealerships to close when they never got their 'bribe' money from the government.....and a number of newer vehicles *they were on the list of 'clunkers' that got traded for the brand new ones at that hugely discounted price were not allowed to be resold as used....they were all crushed. When the dealerships that survived didn't get their money from the feds, quite a few were actually repossessing those new vehicles, leaving the buyers in the lurch with ANY vehicle now because they couldn't get their original vehicle back.

BO's programs have been a dismal failure and the only people hurt by it all has been the individual who thought they were doing a good thing by trading to a new vehicle and the taxpayer.