For all those that think ALL parents know what's good

by JP Bill - 4/27/12 7:26 AM

for their kids.

Nutella must pay parents who thought chocolate spread was a healthy choice

But some observers have had it with what they see as faux-naivete on the part of people such as the mom who filed the suit. Over at The Stir, blogger Julie Ryan Evans says it's a company's job to try and sell us their products.

"I'm sick of parents blaming everyone from McDonald's and their Happy Meal toys to cereal companies and their jovial cartoon characters for trying to make their kids fat and unhealthy, when it's our job first and foremost to determine what foods they eat and don't. It's a little thing called personal responsibility," she writes. "So congratulations on the lawsuit, but I find it ridiculous, and it's frankly insulting to consumers and mothers who DO read labels."