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by Kees_B Moderator - 3/9/12 2:10 AM

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Just for reference the situation in The Netherlands:
- condoms aren't free, you (women and men alike) have to buy them yourself at the drug-store
- birth control pills are only available on subscription by the your doctor, which makes them a medicine
- birth control pills for women up to 21 year are included in the 'basis medical insurance' (that's highly regulated, everybody above 18 pays for it: 1/3 yourself, 2/3 your employer - if jobless only your own 1/3)
- birth control pills from women 21 and up are only included in optional 'additional insurance packages' you have to pay for yourself; some 90% of the population pays for such an additional package
- viagra is only available on subscription by your doctor, which makes it a medicine
- like all prescription medicines, viagra is included in the 'basis medical assurance'
- of course, if you buy viagra from the internet yourself without prescription, the insurance doesn't pay for it

Most of this makes sense, I think. Of course there are some political choices also in the whole regulation package. A good example of that:
- All medical care, including dental care, for children up to 18 is paid by the 'basis insurance', while you pay no premium for children (they are expensive enough already, aren't they?)
- Dental care from 18 up to 20 years is included in the 'basis insurance'.
- Dental care from 21 up is not included in the 'basis insurance' but all insurance companies offer additional dental packages. Most people pay for one.
The exception for people 18-20 years clearly is some political compromise.

What you don't like, maybe:
Abortion and euthanasia are consider medical treatments, so they are paid from the basis insurance. For moral and religious reasons, however, there are regulations for doing them. Those include a required '1 week pause to rethink' for abortion and very strict conditions for euthanasia (including an explicit request from the patient and 2 doctors agreeing about the patient being in a truely hopeless and uncurable situation).