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by TONI H - 3/9/12 1:56 AM

In Reply to: you raise the issue of conduct by grimgraphix

people NOT of the Catholic faith don't know already that the Catholic Church condemns birth control? It has been common knowledge for hundreds of such, Fluke and the 'others' she speaks for at Georgetown knew ahead of time when they enrolled that any insurance coverage that would be offered to them as students would NOT include coverage for birth control. SHE accepted did the others.....until NOW when Fluke, as a contraceptive activist saw her chance to join up with Pelosi and try to force the Catholic school SHE attended by her own CHOICE and ACCEPTED by her own CHOICE the insurance coverage THEY offered to her to now change for HER.

Just as Unions come in and 'strong arm' a company into becoming unionized, activists such as Fluke, make a public stand to change something they personally don't like about an institution. And just like the BO Administration 'strong armed' Catholic Charities into closing down because this Administration didn't agree or like the fact that the Church wouldn't allow adoptions by a perfectly legal and worthwhile institution no longer exists....on a freaking whim of somebody else. Will this Fluke controversy with the help of the WH shut Georgetown's doors because the Church's doctrine doesn't agree with them? If so, does closing Georgetown's doors help society any more than closing down Catholic Charities did? How does fighting a college fit into the BO agenda of 'everyone should be able to go to college' when his own administration is helping close them down? However slim, right now, the connection, there IS one.