Problems with copy and paste in Word 2003

by Stouks - 4/6/12 7:47 AM

All of the sudden, when I want to copy and paste something in the same document, the formatted text (whether that be a certain font or bold) does not transfer over to the pasted text. For instance, if I wanted to copy the following bolded word "word" and then paste it anywhere else in the document, I now get this: "word" (without the bold). This applies to other cutting and pasting problems: this applies to other fonts and formating (bold, my Greek font, etc).

One more example: before today, if I wanted to cut a text out of my New Testament Greek program right in the middle of a paragragh, the Greek font (or whatever font) would paste matter what font the target MS Word text was in.

What has happened? I have done no changes to Word 2003 that I know of.

Thanks for any help!