Interest Vision is now a part of Family Lawyer

Thank you... When get to the site, have to look for Family Lawyer program (there are others.. like Home and Business Lawyer.. not sure if it is included in those progams.)

As of 4/2/11.. Family Lawyer is on sale for 14.99, it does have Interest Vision included, and can actually be run separate (just set up a shortcut to the file IV3.exe). It appears it is Interest Vision 3 (although it doesn't state any Version number). I have Interest Vision 2. Oddly this Family Lawyer version will not open my existing version files... so will have to do some re-creating.

Best of all, it runs under Windows 7... so therefore I can continue to use this little gem. Have been using it since Win95 (if not before)... but getting more troublesome finding a PC to keep running it on, and could not get it to work under Win 7 at all.

If you want to verify that Interest Vision is included, click on the Product Images (of Family Lawyer on the site), one of the images has a picture of the Interest Vision Software opened up).

Hope this helps others that have wanted to continue using this wonderful little program from the Bob Parson days (Parsons Technology).

Thanks again for the link.