This happened to me 08/22/2009

by rpolanco3 - 8/23/09 8:15 AM

In Reply to: Have tried all the above... by blondeme

This odd occurrence happened to me yesterday in the CSUF computer lab. FYI - I do not think that neither the age of the file is relevant, nor how much time has passed since you last opened the document. My doc was written 07/25/09, and it was a w/ a legal forms template. Yeah...important! Luckily, I was simply attempting to access to cut and paste portions of the original 13 page documents. When I opened the document in Word 2007 it came sup blank. Now I am at home, and it still comes up blank page. I know the file is 59kb on the thumb drive. It says the doc is 13 pages. All the other docs on same thumb drive will open - even with the same template. Let me know if you ever found a solution please!