Have tried all the above...

by blondeme - 3/29/08 7:07 AM

In Reply to: Interesting. by MarkFlax Moderator

and unfortunately i think they must be corrupt somehow.
None of the suggestions seem to work.
When using the IE file open that seems like a handy tip to remember...although i expected it to be in my browser but both IE and Firefox bring up Word to open the document.The same happened when i dragged the document into the IE window.
Still a very handy tip indeed so thanks Papa.
Having said that i am still finding it odd how every time i have opened up Word with the "blank" page i still see that it tells you along the bottom how many characters then how many pages are in the "empty" document.
Fortunately i do have all the information on paper etc - just have to redo on the computer.
Thanks for trying to help with the great suggestions.
Like R.Proffitt said in the first reply...backup!
thanks guys and have a wonderful day