Sorry. Nothing I can use.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/27/12 9:42 AM

In Reply to: Update by oneclick

If you want to focus on a specific update I can do that. But the pictures are not very usable.

I offered why it's different from a desktop but it appears it is being treated as a desktop/client PC as well as using registry cleaners and more.

Let me be more blunt. Those registry cleaners often remove entries that are there for a reason. Later when some Microsoft update expects that entry and it's gone, you have to think or ask the horrible questions. One of them would be "Should Microsoft deal with entries corrupted or removed by registry cleaners?" My answer is no. We all wish there was some OS repair tool that could push it back to stock without disturbing user apps and files but we seem to be years away from that. Apple came pretty close to this feature.