Mac tcp/ip networking

by BajaBrewer - 3/21/13 1:16 PM

In Reply to: That helped. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I would think that I should be able to ping from the mac to a vista laptop with a known good crossover cable but this is not happening.

I tested the cable going from my laptop to another old xp and it pings fine so cable is good.

I do see a green link light with activity on the laptop when I connect the laptop to the mac using crossover cable but still no successful pings. I can now ping the internal mac nic by doing a ping with Mac TCping so mac nic appears to be good.

I now see a port address below the IP address in the Mac. It is listed as Hardware address: 00 05 02 57 9A E9 TCP/IP is version 1.3

Does this add anything relevant?