Mac tcp/ip networking

by BajaBrewer - 3/21/13 6:06 AM

In Reply to: I would not guess that. by R. Proffitt Moderator

GE does not support this product anymore due to age. A friend who has a clinic dropped it off and asked me to repair Mac to GE connection.

Select key allows access to network config but it is broken. Instead I use hyper terminal to do bootChange and put the Mac and the GE on the same subnet and read all data related to boot and networking in GE system.

GE has obsoleted the install procedure so I am using one that is similar but missing some network settings. The : ffffff00 after the IP address appears to be a subnet mask because when I change it my laptop won't ping the ge backplane or proxy network. Looks like a mac network connectivity issue to me but I could be wrong.

Mac and GE plug into a 802.3 centrecom hub repeater and show link lights green. GE also connects to hub with aiu plug for either backplane ip or proxy network ip. I bring this to the forum because even the old GE service guys don't have an answer.

Don't find any Mac tools in OS 8 that do ping or connectivity tests so I am left with hyper terminal.