30 feet range OK

by KCav45 - 4/30/13 10:19 AM

In Reply to: The range issue. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Under my house there must be a pile of sand because my basement is always dry. In the summer time its cool and during the winter it stays pleasingly warm, but there are no windows. I love the feeling of nature around me, so I want to keep my desktop computer downstairs, with my audio library on it, and play music on speakers located where I like to be, upstairs (definitely within 30 feet) and outside about 30 feet away. My son recently moved to Florida and left me his speakers. I have 3 computers that share my Home network and have one other thing in common, they have lousy speakers. I like to listen to smooth Jazz, sentimental piano music, and download podcasts. What would you do? Should I use Bluetooth?